Gen Test

Gen Test

Gen Test is a program aimed at diagnosing problems with Genesis consoles, testing emulators, and testing hardware features. It contains a variety of different programs in one ROM image.

Here is a rundown of the different sub-programs it contains:

Info page:

Displays region and TMSS info on your genesis, a CPU benchmark score, and if a 32x is detected.

Exception testing:

Tests 68k error handling. Mostly for testing emulators.

Input display:

Displays input from both controller ports and extension port.

Hex data dumper:

Reads data from a specified memory region and display it on screen.

Hex data writer:

Writes specified data to a specified address. It can also jump to a certain part of memory if needed. Can be a very powerful tool.

VDP test:

Shows a few simple graphics.

Sound test:

Lets you test YM2612 FM, YM2612 DAC, and PSG.

M68k registers:

Displays live values of CPU registers.

RAM test:

Tests Genesis RAM for errors.

Test images:

Different patters for testing video output.

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